Sailor entry list

Sail No. Crew Club
GER GER 2202 Julian Lembeck and Louis Kowalski SCIA
GER GER 3287 Lucas Hamm and Moritz Hamm Chiemsee YC
GER GER 3067 Sophia Westermeier and Ella Brantsved Chiemsee YC
GER GER 3315 Leni Hallmann and Elias Benz Konstanzer YC, Württembergischer YC
FRA FRA 3179 Fanfan GOMY and Loukas GAKIS Brest Bretagne Nautique
GER GER 3263 Dion von Roëll Roëll and Nino von Roëll Roëll VSaW
GER GER 2955 Maximilian von Geyr and Magnus Hertwig Wassersport-Club Gifhorn e.V.
GER GER 3397 Maximilian Böhm and Liv-Grete Böttger Kieler Yacht-Club e.V., Kieler YC e.V.
FRA FRA 3126 Charles TROLARD and Thibaut CLOUET YC Mauguio Carnon
FRA FRA 3104 Quentin Bourrust and Louis Davignon YC mauguio carnon
GER GER 3310 David Plettner and Moritz Aigner BYC Bayerischer Yachtclub, Bayerischer Yacht-Club
FRA FRA 3133 Petronille Lescanne and Raphaelle KIMBEL SNP Havre
ESP ESP 3129 Paula Laiseca and Isabel Laiseca REAL CLUB NAUTICO DE GRAN CANARIA
GER GER 3557 Hanno Rix and Maximilian Reuner KYC Kieler Yachtclub
GER GER 3285 Constantin Streicher and Cornelius Streicher Yacht-Club Steinhuder Meer
IRL IRL 3347 Lucia Cullen and Alana Twomey Royal St George YC NYC, Royal Cork YC
HKG HKG 2846 Raphael Mak and Louis Polson
HUN HUN 3242 Balint Gulyas and Mate Feith Centrum VEK, CVEK
GER GER 2911 Julia Ewald and Greta Müller Seebrucker Regatta Verein , YCSS
GER GER 3299 Emilia Ewald and Pia Naescher Seebrucker Regatta Verein , YC seeshaupt
GER GER 2730 Marlene Fuerst and Emma Fuerst
AUS AUS 3213 Mia Austin and Zara Marks Woollahra SC
GER GER 2936 Mailin Hegge and Matilda Schneider Muenchner Yachtclub, MYC
SUI SUI 3062 EMILY COOK and SEBASTIEN BLANC Club Nautique Versoix, Club Nautique Morgien
GER GER 3358 Sophie Schneider and Victoria Egger Württembergischer Yachtclub e.V.
SUI SUI 3423 Ikke Huber and Liam Berger Thunersee Yachtclub TYC
FRA FRA 3245 Mathéo MOREAU and Gabriel BARBARY Yacht club de Carnac
SWE SWE 2954 Henric Wigforss and William Drakenberg Royal Swedish YC
IRL IRL 1 Clementine van Steenberge and Jessica Riordan National YC Dun Laoghaire, Royal St George YC
NOR NOR 3211 Martinius Hopstock and Sigurd Melleby Arendal Seilforening, Royal Norwegian YC
SUI SUI 3096 Joshua Cook and Robin Imbert Club Nautique de Versoix
AUS AUS 3187 Christian Spencer and Sebastian Spencer Belmont 16 Foot SC
SWE SWE 2732 Erik Bengtsson and Max Zetterstrom Göteborgs Kungliga Segelsällskap, Boss
FRA FRA 3233 Jocelyn LE GOFF and Jules VIDOR EV Locquirec, La Mouette Sinagote
FRA FRA 2728 Loic Thoma and Simon HANLEY Brest Bretagne Nautique
IRL IRL 3212 William Walsh and Eoin Byrne National YC
FRA FRA 2704 Clemence FAVREL and Ferdinand GUILLEMOT La Mouette Sinagote, Société Nautique d’Enghien
AUS AUS 2247 Alice Travlos and Klara Travlos Perth Dinghy SC
DEN DEN 3307 Gustav Jessen and Noah Bløcher Faaborg Sejlklub
GER GER 3297 Leopold Sachs and Henrik Schomburg
FRA FRA 2998 Jouan Barnabé and Hugo Belz Aubry CNBPP - La Baule
GBR GBR 2966 Imogen Green and Stella Nygard Draycote Water SC
USA USA 2886 Kevin Cason and Holland Vierling Coronado YC , San Diego YC
HKG HKG 3053 Emily Polson and Tiffany Mak Hong Kong Sports Institute , RHKYC,HKSI, ABC
AUT AUT 3261 Louisa Saletu and Adrian Boller UYCAs, YCP
HKG HKG 3355 Cameron Law and Chris Lam Hong Kong Sports Institute
AUS AUS 2498 Lucy Ferguson and Isabella Armitstead Woollahra SC
NED NED 3412 Folkert van Surksum and Lars Ganzevles NTT
AUS AUS 16 Lucas Patrick and Luke Rogers Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
GBR GBR 2242 Finlay Davidson and Frederick Wood Dalgety Bay SC, Roa Island Boating Club
GBR GBR 2903 Joe Wimpory and Jamie Gatehouse HISC
GER GER 3402 Lily Säbel and Cidalia Voigt Kieler YC e.V.
HKG HKG 3381 Sienne Thiry and Tomoe Thiry Royal Hong Kong YC
ESP ESP 1191 Claudia Sainz de los Terreros Lopez and Diego Power REAL CLUB NAUTICO DE GRAN CANARIA
ESP ESP 3246 Maite Díaz Ojeda and Marta Medina Rodríguez REAL CLUB NAUTICO DE GRAN CANARIA
GER GER 3178 Nick Plinke and Nele Petersen Segelclub Monheim, Baltische Segler-Vereinigung
GBR GBR 1029 Mya Fance and Seren Green Roa Island Boating Club
AUS AUS 2961 Caitlin Hartnett and Heidi Ferguson Woollahra SC
GER GER 3356 Mimi Schwarz and Toni Schwarz CYC Chiemsee Yachtclub
SUI SUI 1568 Clara Tanari and Maud Ceillier CNM - Club Nautique de Morges
GBR GBR 3400 Charlie Gatehouse and Sam Tonks HISC
USA USA 7777 Wylder Smith and Xaver Schwarz Sachem's Head YC, Chiemsee YC
GER GER 2324 Noah Mink and Tim Hauenschild Chiemsee YC
GBR GBR 3410 merryn attridge and jack solly Castle Cove SC, Starcross YC
GER GER 3379 Moritz Mehlmann and Artur Hoffmann DTYC
GER GER 3304 Mara Riedel and Martin Rothe Segelverein Alt Gaarz, Regatta-Segler Neuruppin e.V.
SUI SUI 3228 Lorin Kuhn and Andrin Keller SVKr, Seglervereinigung Kreuzlingen , Wassersportclub Mannenbach WSC68
SUI SUI 3274 Theodor Kowalewsky and Noah Strempfer BSC, ZYC, Zürcher YC
GBR GBR 3260 Finian Morris and Charlie Gran RLymYC, HISC
SUI SUI 3276 Malena Rueegge and Liv Wicki Seglervereinigung Kreuzlingen (SVKr)
GER GER 3348 Marie Laudes and Luca Marie Sartori Kieler YC e.V., Kieler Yacht-Club e.V.
ESP ESP 2984 Sara Momplet Baixauli and Isabel Momplet Baixauli RCNV Real Club Nautico Valencia
ESP ESP 3077 Eduardo Reyes Alcocer and Achille Binetti Pozzi RCNV Real Club Nautico Valencia
GER GER 3222 Levi Suemmchen and Leonick Mahlstedt
AUT AUT 3165 Antonia Senger-Weiss and Charlotte Senger-Weiss YC Bregenz
AUT AUT 2958 David Rohde and Jakob Schwarz Yachtclub Hard, YKA Achenkirch
AUT AUT 2346 Felix Schauer and Leonie Wesling SCTWV Achensee
ARG ARG 2574 Felix Llauro and Marcos Pruden YC Argentino (YCA)
CAN CAN 2598 Alexis Kuo and Ayden Kuo royal victoria yacht club
AUT AUT 2534 Willem Wesling and Émile Soulier SCTWV Achensee, YCP
NED NED 3156 Tjed Wildeboer and Lars Berg Braassemermeer