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Import Overview

Thank you for contacting M.E. Dey & Co., Inc. to handle your import shipment. We offer full Import, Export, and Logistics services from picking up you r goods at the overseas factory to delivery at your doorstep. We can provide you with pricing on transportation fees, cargo insurance, Customs brokerage fees, Customs bonds, Customs duties, and warehousing fees.

Below are the elements required to allow for a smooth import transaction:

Power of Attorney with Terms and Conditions - We are required by law to have a valid power of attorney on file in order to sign documents and transact Customs business on your behalf. This form must be signed by an officer of your company (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary). Please return a signed copy as quickly as possible. In addition, Customs requires that we obtain proof of your IRS# or SS#. ** You can provide a copy of any government issued document which substantiates your IRS or SS#. You can download a POA on our website

International Freight - Determine who is paying for the transportation and who i s arranging it. Usually this is defined by the Incoterms of the transaction. We can provide you with a freight quote. This covers the transportation fees for moving your cargo from overseas. Prices are based on the weights and measures you provide. If you choose to have us arrange the transportation, we will put your shipper in touch with our overseas partner office. For a comprehensive quote please provide us with pick up location, delivery location and size and dimensions of your cargo.

Cargo Insurance - We can also include the cost to insure your cargo. Please be sure and check this option on the routing order if you wish to have us insure your freight. If your shipper has not insured the cargo to your door, we highly recommend that you purchase cargo insurance. Carriers have limited liability on loss or damage of your valuable freight. Insurance is offered based on approved commodities and countries, certain restrictions apply.

Routing Order - This gives us written permission to arrange the transportation of your goods. Please complete and return a copy of this form with your shipper's contact information. Send a completed copy to your shipper and send us a copy so we can ensure contact is made overseas.

ISF Filing - Importers are responsible for ensuring their ocean cargo is reported to CBP before loading overseas. Failure to report timely or compliantly may result in your cargo being held overseas or issuance of penalties of up to $10,000 per shipment. If M.E. Dey arranges for your transportation from overseas, we can assist you in obtaining this information and better ensure timely filing of the ISF. If you choose to work with another forwarder to arrange the transportation, or allow your shipper to move the goods, we can still assist with filing your ISF. When M.E. Dey is not arranging transportation you must communicate to your shipper or forwarder the urgency of sending ISF details to us 72 hours before loading. You may also choose to have the forwarder file the ISF on your behalf.

Bonds - Customs requires the posting of an Import Bond for most transactions valued over $200. We can issue a single transaction bond which covers an individual shipment. This is a good choice if you do not anticipate more than a few shipments a year or have low value cargo. The cost is $5 per $1000, minimum charge $50.00. (Bond value equal to cargo plus duties, some exclusion apply. Goods regulated by Other Government Agencies & certain commodities require the bond equal to 3 times the value of the cargo) For ocean cargo an ISF Bond will also be required, the fee is $50.00. ISF bonds can only be issued if the ISF is filed timely and subject to approval by the surety.

We can also offer you a Continuous Bond which covers all your import transactions for a 12 month period. The Continuous Bond will cover both your import transactions and your ISF filings through all U.S. ports. A Continuous Bond can be purchased for $450.00/year. This is an economical option if you import more than 5 shipments per year of ocean freight or have annual imports valued over $90,000. A Continuous Bond can also expedite the Customs release process.

Please note: All bonds are subject to the approval of the Surety Company and may require company financials at the surety request.

Brokerage Fees - Attached is a list of our general clearance fees for securing Customs release.

Classification and Duties- As licensed Customs Brokers we can provide classification advice to you upon receipt of the signed Power of Attorney. At that time we can review the details of your imported goods and offer preliminary advice on the applicable tariff classification and duties.

Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) of .3464% is a tax assessed on imported articles by the U.S. government. Minimum charge is $25.00, maximum charge is $485.00.

Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) of .125% is a tax assessed by the U.S. government. It applies to imported ocean cargo unladen at a U.S. port.

Record Keeping Requirements - please visit our website for more information about your responsibility for record keeping requirements. Record-Keeping-Requirements.pdf.

Marking - All goods imported into the U.S. must be marked legibly, indelibly and permanently with the country of origin. uploads/2015/08/Country-of-Origin-Marking-Summary.pdf

Payment - Ocean and Air carriers require payment of freight charges before merchandise may be picked up. We will issue our invoice to you once all known charges are available. Payment will be required prior to clearance of goods. Please contact our office to make payment arrangements. We can accept credit card payments.

If you have any questions on the information provided, please contact our office so we can offer you further assistance at We encourage you to visit our website at to view additional import related topics under the White Pages heading.

Thank you again for your interest in M.E. Dey.

We are pleased to be serving the import community for over 100 years.

** Acceptable forms of IRS proof:

Form 147C Form 1040

Form 2363

Form 941/941v

Form 554 from IRS Form 1065

Form 8109/8109C Form 7004

Form 355-ES

Form 1096

Form 1120/11205

Form 11234-IRS Proof

Front and back copy of Social Security Card required for proof of SS#

The following documents are NOT acceptable:

• State forms

• W-9

• 554 Application

If you are unable to provide one of the above documents,you may contact the IRS for proof of your company IRS number.